OWN IT! welcomes journalist Yemisi Adegoke to the Literary, Film and TV Agency.

Yemisi Adegoke, a British-Nigerian journalist for the BBC, who we are very excited to be joining us, has signed to OWN IT! Literary, Film and TV Agency.

A journalist with close to a decade of experience, Yemisi has written and produced for CNN, Quartz, The Guardian, The Discovery Channel and The Independent. A graduate of the Arthur L Carter Journalism Institute at New York University, currently based in Lagos, Nigeria, she is passionate about telling stories from around the continent.

Yemisi will be represented by Crystal Mahey-Morgan who commented:

“Yemisi offers hope in regards to well researched, nuanced and relevant journalism and she isn’t afraid to bring forward different perspectives and explore relevant and important issues from a refreshing global perspective. Her writing and ideas reach far beyond journalism and she’s an important voice of today’s generation who we are very proud to represent.”

Yemisi commented:

“I’m so excited to be part of the amazingly talented and creative OWN IT! family. I’m really looking forward to sharing some of the projects we have been working on and couldn’t be happier to be part of the team!”

OWN IT! welcomes poet Sophia Thakur to the Literary, Film & TV Agency

Introducing the talented Sophia Thakur, our latest addition to the OWN IT! Agency.  Combining honest and provocative lyrics, Sophia is known to many as “our generations first poetry influencer. With over 14,000 Youtube followers, performing at universities, Glastonbury and TEDx, Sophia Thakur is one of the most recognisable figures in UK performance poetry today. Her charming and gentle wisdom married to her thought-provoking story telling ability has led her to touch millions of lives both on and offline.

Sharing her message of inspiration, expression and empowerment, we are so excited for the release of her first poetry collection SOMEBODY GIVE THIS HEART A PEN, on 3rd October 2019. Taking readers on an intimate journey through love, loss, faith and self-discovery, Sophia gives voice to the experiences that connect people and encourages readers to look into themselves and explore the tendencies of the heart.

Sophia will be represented by Crystal Mahey-Morgan who commented:

“Sophia personifies an exciting new generation who are taking words, art and media to new heights. She is an exciting, unique and original voice, brimming with ideas and boundless talent. We are very excited to have her join the OWN IT! Collective.”

Sophia commented:

“OWN IT! drives words in an ethical way and that’s the kind of team I want to work with. My vision for poetry goes far beyond what we read growing up and delves into music, theatre, film and production. The world is made of a composition of words afterall”

Check out more of her work here: https://www.sophiathakur.co.uk/previous-campaigns

OWN IT! Agency represents Sophia for Literature, Film and TV. To speak to us about any of these rights please email: Agency@OWNIT.LONDON

OWN IT! have secured a film & TV option deal with ‘Second Generation’ for Ashley Hickson-Lovence’s, The 392.

We are very excited to announce we have secured a film and TV option deal with Helen Monks Takhar and Danny Takhar, the founders of new London-based film & TV production company – ‘Second Generation’. Specialising in book-to-screen adaptations and self-generated content, Helen and Danny are adapting and exec producing Ashley Hickson-Lovence’s debut novel The 392 for TV.
Link to full article here: https://deadline.com/2019/10/helen-monks-takhar-former-sky-exec-danny-takhar-set-up-uk-drama-firm-set-first-project-1202750018/