Publishing Submissions Guidelines

We are proud to run an open submissions policy for authors looking to publish with us but as a result we get a huge amount of enquiries. It’s important for us to take the time to read through everything and give it fair consideration, and so our submissions inbox is currently closed while we catch-up with our reading. When our submissions are open again, you will find our submissions guidelines on this page.

Agency Submissions Guidelines

OWN IT! Agency represents a dazzling array of multi-disciplinary talent from novelists, poets, actors and screenwriters, to memoirists and content creators. We’re excited by artists who have unique stories to tell and can work in a number of different forms and genres.

If you’re interested in being represented by us, please submit your work to us at [email protected], following the guidelines below.

All submissions must be formatted in Garamond or Times New Roman font, size 12 and double-spaced except poetry which can be single-spaced. All documents must be sent as Word documents or PDFs. We will not open any Google Doc links or any other external links.

Works of Fiction

Please send in this order

  • A cover letter with a detailed synopsis
  • An author bio
  • The first 3 chapters or 50 pages
  • A paragraph on who you believe the target market is

Works of Non-fiction

Please send in this order:

  • A proposal no longer than 20 pages which includes:
    • A chapter breakdown
    • An author bio
  • A sample chapter or the first 50 pages

Works of Poetry

Please send a portfolio of poems (no longer than 20 pages) with a covering letter outlining your intention for the collection and the target audience, as well as an author bio and a publication history

Any other types of Stories

Please send us what you believe will give us the best insight to your project and help us see your vision. We are looking for short, succinct and well thought out proposals

Looking for representation at OWN IT! Film and TV Agency?

If you are looking for representation across film and TV, please send us a cover letter, biography and showreel.