We welcome submissions across all genres and formats and from all people. The things that motivate and excite us the most are stories which say something about the world and/or contribute to making it a better place. That might be through hard-hitting true life accounts, it might be through innovative literary fiction, profound poetry or just simply a well written light-hearted funny novel. Maybe it’s a play, a musical songbook or an animation. We don’t care about genre or format, we just want to see original, innovative and bold storytelling that shares, empowers, celebrates and inspires. We also want to ensure that talented voices that are usually marginalised have a fair chance to shine in industries which can sometimes be closed and elitist. Our final decisions about what we represent and publish are always based on merit and merit alone. We understand that great stories come from a diverse range of people and places.

Submitting to OWN IT! Stories                                                                      

Please email [email protected]

Looking for representation at OWN IT! Literary, Film and TV Agency

Please email [email protected] 


All submissions must include: a covering letter, biography and paragraph on who you believe the target market is.

All submissions must be formatted in Garamond or Times New Roman font, size 12 and double spaced.

Works of Fiction

Please send the first 3 chapters (or 50 pages).

Works of Non-fiction

Please send a proposal (no longer than 20 pages), chapter breakdown and a sample chapter.

Works of Poetry

Please send a proposal, 15 poems and a list of all poems that will be included in the book.

Children’s Illustrated Books

Please send up to 20 pages and include illustrations if you have them.

Any other types of Stories

Please send us what you believe will give us the best insight to your project and help us see your vision. We are looking for short, succinct and well thought out proposals.

Looking for representation at OWN IT! Film and TV Agency?

If you are looking for representation across film and TV, please send us a cover letter, biography and showreel.


Should I submit to OWN IT! Stories or OWN IT! Agency?

OWN IT! Stories publishes books both print (hardback and paperback) and digital (eBook and multi-media projects). We have a vigorous selection process and are particularly interested in debut British voices and supporting homegrown talent (although not exclusively). We have world-wide distribution and our books are stocked in all major online and physical retailers including: Waterstones, Foyles, independents and Amazon.

OWN IT! Stories also releases music and film as well as multi-media projects across formats which brings together different forms of storytelling in one project. Please see The Group Therapy Programme as an example.

OWN IT! Stories wishes to remain boutique so that we are able to really do justice to the authors and artists who we publish and release. However this means that there are a huge number of talented authors whose career’s we’re not able to support through our own publishing. Luckily we can work with a greater number of talented authors through our Agency. Whatever way we do it we truly care about bringing through voices that change the literary, film and TV landscapes.

OWN IT! Literary Agency represents authors who are usually further along in their literary careers or established in their own field of work or industry (although not exclusively). As agents we work with writers to develop their work and put together proposals to sell the rights on to bigger publishing houses or production companies. As an agency we are committed to fighting our authors’ corners to get the best deals and terms for them and working together creatively to bring out the best from their work.

Does OWN IT! Stories accept unsolicited material?

Yes yes and yes. We believe there are many brilliant writers out there who may not necersarilly understand the process of getting published or even know what an agent is. We are truly open to all. No barriers at OWN IT!.

How long will it take for you to get back to me?

We are a small and committed team with a vigorous selection process. We read everything that comes into us and we are inundated with submissions across both OWN IT! Stories and OWN IT! Agency. This means it can sometimes take us a while to get back to you. We accept that this can be frustrating but we also understand that you have poured your heart and soul into your book or project. That’s why it’s important to us to take our time to read and properly consider everything that comes into our inbox.