Jermain Jackman

Jermain Jackman, born and raised in Hackney, East London, combines his musical talent with pursuing his role as a political activist. Jackman first caught the nation’s attention after winning BBC talent show The Voice in 2014.

Jermain is now actively using his voice to make political interventions which seek to create a fairer future for the children and young people in Hackney and beyond.

Through his work as the Chair of the Young Futures Commission and advising capacity with the National Citizens Service, Jermain is raising awareness of how the youth of London are feeling disenfranchised and left without opportunities. Too often, young people’s voices are ignored. Jermain’s work focuses on enacting change, doing so by going into youth clubs, schools and estates, not simply to talk to young people, but, crucially, to listen to them.

Jermain’s approach is finding out what the issues are in the lives of young people, as the first step towards finding and delivering solutions. As someone who has come far at a young age himself, Jermain is a strong believer in the power of change: “I have always wanted to change the world…No dream is too big and no role is too far.”

Jermain, named in the list of Top 10 Black Students in the country by Rare Rising Stars, is completing his Politics degree at SOAS University and is determined to use his voice as a tool for social change, 

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