Ify Adenuga

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The formidably impressive Ifeomagwu “Ify” Adenuga is married to Joseph Senior Adenuga and mother of Joseph Junior (Skepta), Jamie (Jme), Julie and Jason Adenuga.

After moving to London from Lagos in 1980, she went on to receive a BA (Hons) in Education & Film studies. Ify has not only raised her own family but continues to work with organisations across the UK and Nigeria to guide and support young people and help them lead independent lives in safe communities.

In 2016, she received recognition as an ICON at C. Hub Magazine’s prestigious Creativity and Arts Awards.

Ify’s debut book Endless Fortune is a co-publication between OWN IT! and independent UK music label Boy Better Know (BBK).


Endless Fortune

Part historical, part political but most of all hugely inspirational, Endless Fortune tells the life story of Ify Adenuga: a fighter, a thinker, a feminist and a parent. Born in Lagos, Ify’s life was uprooted by the Nigerian Civil War, which ravaged the country in the mid-1960s, forcing her family to flee to east London. In the tough working-class area of Tottenham, the couple raised their four children, Skepta, Jme, Julie and Jason Adenuga and encouraged them to explore their artistic instincts, narrowly avoiding a violent situation that threatened to tear the family apart…