Stuart Goodman

An East London native, and former Fleet Street photographer, Stuart Goodman was brought up on a Hackney council estate, and had lived in Broadway Market and been a shop keeper there for 6 months before photographing it for the first time…

…37 years later, OWN IT! are proud to publish his photographs in a new book, at a time when the market has changed beyond belief.

After a decade of uncertainty with Broadway Market, the GLC proposed to demolish it altogether. Two young shopkeepers, Stuart Goodman and Stephen Selby, recognised the potential of their surroundings and arranged to meet GLC chief Norman Brookes-Partridge at County Hall, to make a case for saving the market. These two set up the Broadway Market Action Group and organised a carnival with decorated floats and drum majorettes and were pivotal in the success of the thriving market it is today.