Sasha Knight by Sean Godfrey


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A coming-of-age tale, portraying the perils of toxic masculinity and the damaging effects of emotional trauma. It also touches on the deep-seated class and colour divide in Jamaican society during the late 70’s and 80’s. A genre-bending mashup that shakes the senses and tears at your heart. 

Alternating between past and present, shifting back and forth from Jamaica and the United States, SASHA KNIGHT picks apart the puzzle left behind when 11- year-old Sasha disappears. Everyone seems convinced that she has simply run away. Sometimes, on the good days, when she isn’t talking to him, her 9-year-old best friend Matthew believes it too…


Sean Godfrey was born in Jamaica and left the island at sixteen to join his mother in America. He has held various jobs including cashier, lab assistant and janitor. When he is not writing he works as a librarian in his home state of Texas, USA.  



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