Moments of Significance: A Memoir by MC Angel by Shauna O’Briain

Moments of Significance is a non-linear narrative packed with poetry, prose, fragments of memories and meditations on life, philosophy and politics from an uncompromising voice.

Told through Shauna’s personal experiences of growing up on an inner-city London council estate as a white, working class, queer woman, Moments of Significance is an exploration of society and the political told through a very personal collage of experiences.

With accounts from Shauna’s childhood poverty to the devastating family revelation in Ireland; being bullied on her estate for being a lesbian to finding Buddhism, coping with the death of her mother to piecing together an identity through hip hop, poetry and art, Shauna reinvents the way memoirs are written and through this collection of moments, revealing layers of herself to slowly build a unique relationship with the reader.