Endless Fortune by Ify Adenuga

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Part historical, part political but most of all hugely inspirational, Endless Fortune tells the life story of Ify Adenuga: a fighter, a thinker, a feminist and a parent. Ify was born in Lagos as one of eleven Igbo children before the family uprooted during the Biafra war.

In 1980, she exchanges the war-torn city of Lagos for the strange streets of London. There, Ify has to start a new life as a working-class immigrant and student in an environment far removed from her own in a city brimming with hostility.

Endless Fortune is a timely addition to the ongoing conversation around migration politics and immigration in the UK as the first book of its kind from the mother of some of Britain’s most successful creatives. For those who are fans of the Adenuga family, the book is also a fascinating insight into their childhood and growing up as part of a new generation of young, Black, British people whose voices are still rarely heard.

‘This holds a wealth of inspiration, learning and joy. A must read.’

Candice Carty-Williams, author of Queenie and People Person