Yemisi Adegoke launches new podcast: Behind All The Stories

Host Yemisi Adegoke goes behind the scenes with storytellers all over the world as they share the good, the ugly and sometimes, the life changing.

How far would you go for a story? However far you think you’d go, Fisayo Soyombo would probably go further, he speaks to Yemisi about going undercover in a Nigerian prison, the story that changed his life and why he’s not afraid to die for his craft.

Yemisi Adegoke, a British-Nigerian journalist for the BBC with close to a decade of experience, Yemisi has written and produced for CNN, Quartz, The Guardian, The Discovery Channel and The Independent. A graduate of the Arthur L Carter Journalism Institute at New York University, currently based in Lagos, Nigeria, she is passionate about telling stories from around the continent.

Listen to the podcast here:

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