Announcement: Borough Press acquires UK and Commonwealth rights to Rose Cartwright’s Body Story from OWN IT!

Body Story will be published in hardback, e-book and audio in April 2024, The Borough Press’ 10th anniversary year.

We’re thrilled to announce that Borough Press has snapped up the UK and Commonwealth rights to Rose Cartwright’s new revolutionary book, Body Story, a memoir that challenges the medicalisation of distress.

Body Story is evolving the conversation around the use of psychedelic therapy in medicine and has the potential to create revolutionary change in how we think, diagnose and treat people with mental health struggles, and Rose is perfectly placed to explore this.

Cartwright said: “Psychedelics broke open my heart, disrupted my stuckness and gave me my life back. I welcome their ‘renaissance’ but I’m concerned about psychedelic therapy being plugged into siloed and medicalised psychiatry, where brain is decontextualised from body. Present from past. Science from indigenous wisdom. Individual story from social story. The antidote is integration: bringing people and ideas together, and open-sourcing information. I’ve written this book in that spirit. I hope it offers a positive vision for what healing can mean, for anyone who feels stuck.”

Rose Cartwright is a screenwriter whose memoir, Pure, about her life with intrusive sexual thoughts, was adapted by Channel 4. Her writing about psychedelics, consciousness and mental health has been published in the Face, Vice and the Guardian. She is currently adapting Liu Cixin’s The Three Body Problem (Head of Zeus) for Netflix.

Pure: Interview with author Rose Cartwright | Channel 4

About the book, Borough Press have said: “Body Story explores the potential for psychedelics and altered states of consciousness to disrupt how we think about suffering and healing. Through interviews with professionals and Rose’s own experiences in underground psychedelic therapy, the book will interrogate biological reductionism in psychiatry, exploring the ways disadvantaged groups suffer when social context is overlooked.”

Deputy Publishing Director, Ann Bissell added: “Rose Cartwright’s proposal blew me away. Body Story will challenge the existing narrative framework surrounding mental health diagnoses and propose holistic and radical new ways of understanding and treating mental health conditions. This is a book that we at Borough Press believe will disrupt and interrogate the dominant narrative and we hope will become the definitive conversation starter in mental health. Rose writes with breathtaking honesty and vulnerability and I’m so very proud to publish her.”

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Rose Cartwright to screen-write for Netflix’s new sci-fi series from Game of Thrones creators (David Beinoff and D.B. Weiss) and True Blood’s Alex Woo.

Based on Lui Cixin’s enthralling novel series The Three Body Problem, Beinoff and Weiss describe the books as “the most ambitious science-fiction series we’ve read, taking readers on a journey from the 1960s until the end of time.”

The Three-Body problem won the Hugo award for fantasy fiction in 2015 and is the first Chinese science-fiction novel to be translated into English.

Beinoff and Weiss were creators, writers and showrunners of Game of Thrones, adapted from George RR Martin’s hit novels. Whilst Alex Woo, who has worked on a range of television series including True Blood, called it an “elegant and deeply human allegory”.

The Three-Body Problem is the story of humanity’s first contact with an alien civilization, with science, interweaved with fiction, all drawn together by the story of all of humanity vulnerable to the same threat, with insight into how this both unifies and divides us.

With Liu acting as a consulting producer for the series, a talented and thoughtful creative team has been assembled to produce the English-language series adaption, including writer Rose Cartwright, author of Pure (Now a major Channel 4 series) – Cartwright’s memoir on her ten-year struggle with ‘Pure O’, a little-known form of OCD, which causes her to experience intrusive sexual thoughts of shocking intensity. A brave and frequently hilarious account of a woman who refused to give up, despite being undermined at every turn by her obsessions and enduring years of misdiagnosis and failed therapies.

Although Cartwright never imagined she would find herself writing Sci-Fi, she has been drawn to it and forced by the circumstances of her life and mind to question the nature of her reality and what is real. Which in itself, is a key feature of the sci-fi genre.

Cartwright secured the position as a writer for the upcoming series, off the back of a script she wrote about intergenerational trauma, which includes her experience of taking magic mushrooms and trauma work.

Author and consulting producer Lui Cixin commented: “I set out to tell a story that transcends time and the confines of nations, cultures and races; one that compels us to consider the fate of humankind as a whole.”

Rose Cartwright

Rose is a creative director, screenwriter and the author of Pure, as seen on Channel 4 and Netflix. Her grounded sci-fi pilot Supercut was a Brit List 2019 winner and she is currently developing an original comedy-drama. Rose has spoken about storytelling at South By Southwest and Wired Live, and has written for the Guardian, The Face and Vice. She’s a guest tutor on the creative writing MA at City University.

Rose is currently screen-writing for Netflix’s new sci-fi series from Game of Thrones creators (David Beinoff and D.B.Weiss) and True Blood’s, Alex Woo. Based on Lui Cixin’s enthralling novel series THE THREE BODY PROBLEM, the first Chinese science-fiction novel to be translated into English. Read more about it here.