Richard Yeboah

Richard Yeboah is a writer, historian and public servant from Hackney, London currently writing a book exploring the transformation of post-war housing estates and its communities in the London Borough of Hackney by examining the development, decline, and regeneration of Hackney since the end of the Second War War. Set to be published in 2022, the book aims to shed light on both the positive and negative effects of regeneration and gentrification on communities throughout Hackney over the last 75 years, and shift the wider discourse on urban change in London and other major cities across the world.

Richard Yeboah is also currently working for Homes England, the government’s housing accelerator and has written on several public policy issues including housing, economic development and public health, as well as domestic and international affairs.

You can find out more about Richard Yeboah and his work at


These black and white photos candidly picture the lives of shoppers and shop owners on this East London market in Hackney, which has since become unrecognisable. A SATURDAY IN 82 ON BROADWAY MARKET preserves images of an East London landmark that has changed from desolation row to one of London’s trendiest markets.

Also featuring Stuart Goodman’s account of his and Stephen Selby’s role in setting up a community initiative to save Broadway Market from demolition, Goodman speaks of the London that existed before gentrification. An East London native, brought up on a Hackney council estate, Goodman had lived in the market and been a shop keeper there for 6 months before photographing it for the first time…

…37 years later, OWN IT! are proud to publish his photographs in a new book, at a time when the market has changed beyond belief.