OWN IT! signs licence deal with oolipo






OWN IT! has signed an exciting license deal with oolipo which means MAMA CAN’T RAISE NO MAN, will be available as a multi-media edition exclusively on the oolipo platform (in addition to being available as a print and eBook through the OWN IT!’s online shop and all good digital and physical retailers),

Oolipo CPO, Ryan Mullins said:

We’re very much looking forward to working with OWN IT! and Robyn Travis on Mama Can’t Raise No Man through this exciting collaboration. Using our platform we will enhance the prose of this book by introducing and capturing additional aspects of this story using video, photos, geo-location and interactive features to bring Robyn’s story to life in a whole new way. We love the fact that Robyn is writing about relevant topics and authentic themes that will reach a new generation of readers and this is something which fits into our values and vision for storytelling for a new generation. We’re confident the oolipo community will agree.”

OWN IT! founder, Crystal Mahey-Morgan said:

“From the first time I read Mama Can’t Raise No Man, I knew we had to do something exciting in terms of a digital version which was completely separate from the eBook. The fact that the whole novel unfolds though a series of letters, that there are several phone calls as well as the odd references to social media, makes this the ideal content to think about as a digital native project, especially with Travis’ younger audience in mind. Having a print, eBook and separate multi-media edition all simultaneously available is completely in keeping with OWN IT!’s multi-layered, lifestyle approach to storytelling where we make one story available in a variety of ways to suit different audiences and entertainment experiences. It’s fantastic to be working with oolipo on the multi-media edition – this is a partnership which very much appeals to OWNT IT!’s desire to collaborate with like-minded creatives and businesses.”


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