Alex Barker and Sam Conniff


“Pirates didn’t set out to change the world, they set out to change their world.”


Sam Conniff is a social entrepreneur and recently became a bestselling author with his first book Be More Pirate, Or How To Take On The World And Win (2018). Together with his Right Hand Pirate Alex Barker, who previously worked as a communications manager in the Fellowship team at the Royal Society of Arts, they are building a community of twenty-first century pirates who are rewriting the rules in their lives.


In this workshop Sam Conniff and Alex Barker will draw on both the historical antics of the Golden Age Pirates, and the real stories of change from their network of modern mutineers. Based on their upcoming book How to: Be More Pirate, the session will help you to:

  • get comfortable being uncomfortable and embrace the art of asking difficult questions
  • understand what really matters and how you can set a more ambitious course
  • embrace the ‘edges of the map’ – the scary but exciting space where real innovation lies
  • commit to some small bold actions that will set you apart

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