Rest In Peace, Stuart Goodman 1947-2020.

A Beautiful Soul Is Never Forgotten.

Rest In Peace, Stuart Goodman 1947-2020

We’re so sad to have to share that today we lost Stuart Goodman to COVID-19. We were lucky enough to publish his book ‘One Saturday in 82 on Broadway Market’ two weeks ago today.

We weren’t able to go ahead with the launch and most shops had closed at that point but that didn’t stop the swell of support and love for the book. We’re so thankful that Stuart got a chance to see how well received and loved his work was.

Stuart at the time we published his book was 72. Brought up on a council estate in Hackney, he went on to work as a Fleet Street press snapper and picture editor for over 25 years. The minute we saw Stuart’s photos we knew we wanted to publish his book and the minute we met him we knew he was one of us.

It’s a privilege to publish ‘One Saturday in 82 on Broadway Market’ and to have had the chance to work with Stuart. It’s such an important book, one that captures and preserves a time and community which would otherwise be easily forgotten. Stuart will never be forgotten. He was part of the OWN IT! family and he lives on through the beautiful photographs and words he left with us.

Stuart Goodman + his lovely wife with (most) of the OWN IT! Family.