New Debut Novel: The Time Before The Time To Come by Jill Johnson

OWN IT! is delighted to announce that we have acquired a wonderful new debut novel entitled The Time Before The Time To Come by Jill Johnson.

Jill Johnson has lived in South East Asia, Europe and New Zealand. She has owned an editorial cartoon gallery, a comic shop and has been involved in a graphic novel publishing house. She is an alumni of The Faber Academy writing school and now lives in the East End of London with her children.

The Time Before The Time To Come is a wonderful story within stories inspired by Jill’s Maori heritage. Set between London and New Zealand and intertwining past and present, we follow Victoria’s path of self-discovery as she unwraps layers of her past and tries to make sense of her present. As we journey with her family over many generations, we discover the traditions, legends, values and beliefs of the ancient Maori culture.

Publisher at OWN IT!, Crystal Mahey-Morgan says, ‘Jill is a talented storyteller. The Time Before The Time To Come beautifully encapsulates the family ties that exist from one generation to the next and explores the significance of holding on to your roots and culture as a way of not letting go of yourself. A brilliantly crafted novel that opens a window into Maori culture, with strong women, epic journeys and heartbreaking revelations, The Time Before The Time to Come is at its core a book of hope. Made all the more powerful by the fact that it’s based on Jill’s own family, this is a novel that will stay with you long after you put it down and it’s an honour to be publishing it’.

The Time Before The Time To Come will be published in hardback and eBook in June 2018

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