Monday 8th June 2020

Yemisi will launch her new podcast ‘The Art of Storytelling’ where she speaks to fellow journalists about their journey into their career.

Yemisi Adegoke is a British-Nigerian journalist for the BBC and a documentary maker. She has previously worked as a journalist and producer for CNN Africa. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, The Independent, Quartz and The Discovery Channel.

Sharmila Chauhan will do a live reading and lead a discussion on cross cultural relationships and the Third Space

Playwright and screenwriter Sharmila Chauhan’s work centres around female protagonists and explores the intersection of power, sex and gender roles. Her latest play Be Better in Bed tells the story of four women navigating polyamory, BDSM and pornography and raises important questions about sexuality and feminism.

In this workshop MC Angel will help you learn how to take your experiences and creatively express the significant moments in your life.

Shauna aka MC Angel, a spoken word artist and hip hop emcee, is the author of Moments of Significance, a non-linear memoir packed with poetry, prose, fragments of memories and mediations on life, philosophy and politics, in which she channels her personal experiences of growing up on an inner-city London council estate as a white working class queer woman.