We’re an independent company committed to finding and nurturing talented voices who have something important to say about or to the world.

Stories are in our DNA. Stories empower and inspire. Stories protest and resist. Stories are life.

We’re a storytelling lifestyle brand passionate about opening doors, smashing ceilings and making things better for future generations, through authentic and innovative writing and art, in all its many forms.

We’re aware that pursuing a career as a writer/artist can be financially hard and fear that as a result of this the world is missing out on talented and important storytellers who have a valuable contribution to make to culture and society. This is why we split all net profits across all revenue streams 50/50 with everyone we publish through OWN IT! Stories.

If you like the books and projects we release and the voices we represent, and would like to be part of our family, you can support our vision, writers and artists by becoming an OWN IT! member.

Membership costs £48 a year and in return you receive

  • A choice of any four books in any format either already published or to be published (includes any book priced up to £16.99)
  • An author signed copy of any forthcoming book you choose exclusively before official publication date
  • Free entry to 4 of our events (ticket prices normally between £5 – £15)
  • A free download of all songs in our multi-media projects The Group Therapy Programme and Don’t Be Alien

Depending on which books and events you chose, the minimum value of the above package is £60 but when opting for hardbacks or certain events could be worth up to £115.

Joining the OWN IT! Family and becoming a Member not only means you save anywhere between £12 – £67 (depending on the books/events you opt for) and enrich your life with powerful stories, but also means that you become part of a movement to support talented storytellers and help us and our writers/artists to change the world in some small way.

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