OWN IT! to publish ‘game-changing’ football psychology book: SOCCOLOGY by Kevin George

Football focuses heavily on physical prowess and talent, but the great players possess something extra: The ability to make good decisions on and off the pitch. To unlock their true potential coaches and players need to go beyond their gifts with the ball at their feet and focus as much on their heart and mind.

Invaluable for the modern footballer and fascinating for anyone intrigued by the incredible connections between the heart, mind and body, Soccology contains lessons far beyond the beautiful game in how to be the best version of ourselves.

Soccology will be published on 6th December. You can pre-order a personalised signed copy from the author here

Kirsty Latoya speaks about Art and Books on Blakademiks

S01E05 – Why are there so many Black Writers

There has been a noticeable increase in books published by black authors and writers in 2018. Why is that? What's changed? And why is it important? We're joined by Raifa Rafiq from literacy review podcast, Mostly Lit, author and artist, Kirsty Latoya and Nicolas Tyrell from music and culture Dats Podcast join for this debate.Executive Producer /Creator; Jordan Jarrett-BryanDirector; Francis Kunlay OshyCamera Operators; Nathaniel Bagot , Tamuka Walker and Zuri Jarrett-BoswellPhotographer; Andy Commons and Warren Williams Social Media Manager; Shalom AProduction Manager; Sahar Pournazari

Posted by It's All Blakademik on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Audience Reaction from JJ Bola Double Book Launch

We’re delighted to share this video from JJ Bola’s double book launch.

JJ Bola has previously published three collections of poetry; Elevate (2012), Daughter of the Sun (2014) and WORD (2015). REFUGE brings together, for the first time, all of JJ Bola’s poetry in one definitive collection and is available to buy in all good major/indie bookshops and the OWN IT! online shop.
After taking No Place To Call Home around the world and launching it to critical and reader acclaim in June 2017, No Place To Call Home is now available in paperback in all good major/indie bookshops and the OWN IT! online shop.