ANNOUNCEMENT: Ashley Hickson-Lovence’s, The 392 – to be available as audiobook!

1 year on from its publication, we are so happy to share that Ashley Hickson-Lovence’s debut novel The 392 will be available as #audiobook via @audibleuk.

Happy Publication Birthday to all formats of The 392 – Hardback, Paperback, e-book + soon to be Audiobook!

Set entirely on a London bus travelling from Hoxton to Highbury and taking place over just 36 minutes, the events of The 392 unfold through a cast of charismatic characters coming from very different worlds, but tied together through a shared suspicion as the threat of terrorism looms. This explosive novel will be an incredible adaption into audiobook.

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Rest In Peace, Stuart Goodman 1947-2020.

A Beautiful Soul Is Never Forgotten.

Rest In Peace, Stuart Goodman 1947-2020

We’re so sad to have to share that today we lost Stuart Goodman to COVID-19. We were lucky enough to publish his book ‘One Saturday in 82 on Broadway Market’ two weeks ago today.

We weren’t able to go ahead with the launch and most shops had closed at that point but that didn’t stop the swell of support and love for the book. We’re so thankful that Stuart got a chance to see how well received and loved his work was.

Stuart at the time we published his book was 72. Brought up on a council estate in Hackney, he went on to work as a Fleet Street press snapper and picture editor for over 25 years. The minute we saw Stuart’s photos we knew we wanted to publish his book and the minute we met him we knew he was one of us.

It’s a privilege to publish ‘One Saturday in 82 on Broadway Market’ and to have had the chance to work with Stuart. It’s such an important book, one that captures and preserves a time and community which would otherwise be easily forgotten. Stuart will never be forgotten. He was part of the OWN IT! family and he lives on through the beautiful photographs and words he left with us.

Stuart Goodman + his lovely wife with (most) of the OWN IT! Family.

Excited to share that we will be publishing ‘One Saturday in 82 on Broadway Market’. A collection of stunning B&W photos of a forgotten time in this East London market’s history, taken by ex-fleet street photographer Stuart Goodman

These black and white photos candidly picture the lives of shoppers and shop owners on this East London market in Hackney, which has since become unrecognisable. ONE SATURDAY IN 82 ON BROADWAY MARKET preserves images of an East London landmark that has changed from desolation row to one of London’s trendiest markets.

Also featuring Stuart Goodman’s account of his and Stephen Selby’s role in setting up a community initiative to save Broadway Market from demolition, Goodman speaks of the London that existed before gentrification. An East London native, brought up on a Hackney council estate, Goodman had lived in the market and been a shop keeper there for 6 months before photographing it for the first time…

…37 years later, OWN IT! are proud to publish his photographs in a new book, at a time when the market has changed beyond belief.

ANNOUNCEMENT & COVER REVEAL: The 392 to be available as paperback from FEBRUARY 20th with special launch event

We are so excited to release the paperback version of Ashley Hickson-Lovence’s debut novel The 392. An explosive novel set on a London bus travelling between Hoxton and Highbury. Exploring gentrification, people, places and perceptions, this is not a story you want to miss out on.

Check out the new cover reveal for The 392, as paperback:


Join us for the launch – February 20th, an exciting night of poetry, comedy, Q&A discussions and readings from the author himself. The night will be hosted by the talented Sophia Thakur, with special appearances from Shareefa Energy and Quincy the Comedian, as well as Jude Yawson in conversation with Ashley Hickson-Lovence and an author Q&A.

An evening of talent and good energy, we are so excited to see you there. Grab your tickets from our website now! (Book + Ticket Bundles available also) WWW.OWNIT.LONDON/SHOP

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EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! Soccology, the invaluable guide for the modern footballer that contains lessons from the beautiful game in how to be the best versions of ourselves– is now set to be available as audiobook via Audible: December 13th.

Don’t have time to sit down and pick up a book? Don’t worry, we’ve got you this Christmas! Take a break from the stress of shopping, decorating and waiting around for delayed trains by tuning into Soccology, from the comfort of your own devices.

Kevin George, author of Soccology, spent eight years as a professional footballer, including for clubs such as West Ham United and Charlton Athletic FC. After retiring as a professional footballer, Kevin used his experience and insight to develop Soccology, a human performance programme that has been widely endorsed by key footballing and sports figures around the world.

Kevin regularly works with prisons and schools on conflict resolution and the Soccology programme has been delivered across all Premier League football clubs. He is a passionate advocate for how understanding human behaviour can have a significant impact on decision making both on and off the pitch.

“Kevin has used his experiences as a young professional football player to challenge traditional practices and views for the betterment of the young people he works with, encouraging them to take control of their own lives to make the best of life’s opportunities.” – Martyn Heather, Head of Education at the Premier League

Download your copy from December 13th, via Audible.