We are so excited to launch The New Voices Award competition, in partnership with Amazon Publishing – to address issues around inclusion and representation in commercial fiction.

This competition is for un-agented and under-represented writers based in the UK.


OWN IT! has a strong reputation for our commitment to finding and supporting up-and-coming talent.

We care about contributing to creating an ecosystem where universal stories can come from a truly representative community of eclectic voices and diversity is measured through creativity. However, we understand that to do this, we first need a more level playing field so that all writers from all backgrounds feel valued and are given equal opportunities.

The team at Amazon Publishing is passionate about connecting readers with great books. This competition allows the team to work outside typical channels to discover writers who can bring a fresh and distinct perspective to commercial fiction. Amazon Publishing is especially keen for the opportunity to connect with under-represented writers from around the world.

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Happy Publication Day to Sean Godfrey, author of the thrilling debut novel Sasha Knight


Today we are celebrating the publication of Sean Godfrey’s debut novel. Sasha Knight is acoming-of-age novel, alternating between past and present and shifting back and forth from Jamaica and the United States, picking apart the puzzle left behind when 11-year-old Sasha disappears.

Portraying the perils of toxic masculinity and the damaging effects of emotional trauma. Touching on religion and the deep-seated class and colour divide in Jamaican society, this is a genre-bending mashup that shakes the senses and tears at the heart.

A QR code to the trailer will be included on the back cover of Hardback copies of Sasha Knight. This will give shoppers a chance to scan the code with their mobile and watch the trailer instantly. Adding another layer to the book-browsing experience, and giving readers a sort of visual book-blurb to take in and decide if Sasha Knight will make it to their bookshelf.   

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‘Vivid, powerful, and moving, teeming with rich period detail, Sasha Knight is an astute debut from a writer completely at home on the page. This book is full of love, not just for Sasha Knight, but Jamaica as a whole. Seriously impressive stuff.’ Courttia Newland, Author of A River Called Time

‘Godfrey has crafted a whole host of characters and a world that feels new, but somehow familiar. I flew through the pages. Candice Carty-Williams, Author of Sunday Times Bestseller People Person

Sean Godfrey is a brilliant and breath-taking writer, Sasha Knight is profoundly tender and vivid, it is a tremendous story of love and loss and much more…Salena Godden, Author of Mrs Death Misses Death

‘Sasha Knight is a masterful piece of writing.  Painful, playful, complex, evocative and wonderfully realised.  Sean Godfrey’s novel is set in Jamaica and America, but has relevance across the globe. This is an absolute must-read. Yvonne Bailey-Smith, author of The Day I Fell off my Island

What a delight, a moving delight. I read this book twice, started it over as soon as I closed the last page.Colin Channer, Author of The Girl with the Golden Shoes

‘A masterclass of storytelling. Godfrey has that special ability of bringing a story to life so much that it lives in you, long after you’ve finished reading it. JJ Bola, Author of The Selfless Act of Breathing

‘Fiercely endearing. An accomplished and absorbing debut written with real heart and great depth. This profoundly mesmeric novel deserves to be found, embraced, and loved by many. One of the best stories you’ll read this year.’ Ashley Hickson-Lovence, Author of Your Show.

A sublime story, showcasing a magnificent mind. Sasha Knight is immediately infatuating, leading you through a multi-layered journey of two unique characters. Jude Yawson, Co-Author of Stormzy’s Rise Up: The #Merky Story So Far

‘A brilliantly absorbing read with indelible character.’ Irenosen Okojie MBE, Author of Nudibranch