Ewan Green – Live Animation Workshop

Here is Ewan Green’s Live Animation Workshop for #OWNITOnlineFest -MAKING YOU SMILE: How to Bring Drawings to Life.

Ewan is an animator and illustrator from Scotland, currently living in Vancouver. His work covers all kinds of storytelling from poetry to cartoons. He’s particularly drawn to stories about the power of empathy. Ewan illustrated the ‘Don’t Be Allien’ book and the ‘Origin’ story on our About page.

Jermain Jackman + Mahamed Hashi (INSTA LIVE)

An Evening with Jermain Jackman: Music, Politics and Social Justice – Hosted by Mahamed Hashi. Mahamed Hashi is the co-founder of Brixton Soup Kitchen (2013) and has been named one of the top-most influential Londoners by the Evening Standard. As an active member of the community and a representative of several community groups, Mahamed has recently been elected as the first Somali Councillor in Lambeth – a role for which he has been awarded the title of Community Champion at the national LGIU Councillors Achievement Awards.

Jermain Jackman, winner of The Voice 2014, is a political activist and an engaged voice in political interventions to create a fairer future for children and young people in Hackney and beyond. As the Chair of the Young Futures Commission and an advisor to the National Citizens Service, Jermain is raising awareness of young Londoners’ prevalent sense of disenfranchisement and lack of prospects.

Jude Yawson + Nile Ranger (INSTA LIVE)

Jude Yawson + Nile Ranger take to Insta live to discuss: The Journey, Then and Now.

Jude is the co-writer and editor of Stormzy’s Rise Up: The #Merky Story So Far and editor of Use Words First poetry anthology in conjunction with BBC 1Xrtra. As an author, Jude writes poetry, articles and essays including his piece “Existing as a Black person living in Britain” that he contributed to SAFE: On Black British Men Reclaiming Space – an anthology edited by Derek Owusu. He is currently working on his unique, genre-bending debut novel which has been described as: Star Wars meets The Wire.

He is in conversation with footballer Nile Ranger about his journey as a professional football player who has played, amongst others, for Newcastle United, Blackpool and Southend United in the English Football League.

Check out Stormzy’s, Rise up: The #Merky Story So Far – Edited and co-written by Jude Yawson.

Available here

Get your copy of poetry anthology, USE WORDS FIRST, edited by Jude Yawson, here

BBC Radio 1Xtra and Asian Network have teamed up with BBC Contains Strong Language for Words First, a scheme aimed at finding the best emerging spoken word talent in the UK. USE WORDS FIRST is a collection of 12 poets from Words First brought together in this brilliant anthology edited by Jude Yawson, co-writer of Stormzy’s Rise Up: The Story So far and contributor to the SAFE anthology edited by Derek Owusu.

Rose Cartwright

Drawing on her own inspirational journey, Rose will speak about how to be a writer when you have no financial safety net and going from skiving off an internship to signing on to have a successful book and TV series.

Rose Cartwright is an author and creative director as well as the co-founder of Made of Millions – a non-profit mental health platform. In her critically acclaimed memoir PURE she recounts her experience of living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – specifically Pure O -a variant of OCD exclusively centring around repetitive, intrusive thoughts.

The book has since been adapted for television (Channel 4) and is currently streaming on Netflix.

Get your copy of PURE here


Shauna O’Briain aka MC Angel, a spoken word artist and hip hop emcee, is the author of Moments of Significance, a non-linear memoir packed with poetry, prose, fragments of memories and mediations on life, philosophy and politics, in which she channels her personal experiences of growing up on an inner-city London council estate as a white working-class queer woman.

In her workshop she will help you learn how to take your experiences and creatively express the significant moments in your life.

Get your copy of MC Angels powerful memoir Moments of Significance HERE