The Time Before The Time To Come by Jill Johnson

We’re delighted to reveal the cover for Jill Johnson’s forthcoming debut novel The Time Before The Time To Come publishing in hardback and eBook on 19th July 2018.

Set between London and New Zealand and intertwining past and present, The Time Before The Time To Come follows Victoria’s journey as she rediscovers her Maori heritage and embarks on a path of self-discovery,
unwrapping layers of her past to try to make sense of her present.

The Time Before The Time To Come beautifully encapsulates the family ties that exist from one generation to the next
and explores the significance of holding on to your heritage as a way of not letting go of yourself. With strong women,
epic journeys and heartbreaking revelations this is at its heart a book of hope and love.

Jill Johnson has lived in South East Asia, Europe and New Zealand. She has owned an editorial cartoon gallery, a comic shop and has been involved in a graphic novel publishing house and now lives in London with her children. The Time Before The Time To Come is inspired by her Maori heritage.

Pre-order now and receive a personalised signed copy from the author on publication day: 19th July 2018



Mama Can’t Raise No Man Releasing in Paperback

“Some people study reality and then write about it, Robyn Travis is reality. He has a style of writing that is direct, honest and heartfelt and the world needs to hear his voice. He’s writing the half that has never been told. He’s writing without fear. Check this brother out!” Benjamin Zephaniah

We’re delighted to reveal the new cover and announce the Paperback release of Robyn Travis’ debut novel Mama Can’t Raise No Man. A powerful and current exploration of the many faces of masculinity told from a Black male perspective.

Brimming with sharp, intelligent meditations, Mama Can’t Raise No Man raises uncomfortable questions around definitions of Black masculinity, race, role models, and fractured families. It offers a unique glimpse into a British inner-city London experience where the main protagonist Duane is forced by circumstance to go in search of his identity and as a result finds himself embarking on a unexpected journey where he begins to unlearn everything he thought he knew about being a man.

To celebrate the release of the Paperback edition, Robyn Travis will take part in Hackney Empire Theatre’s ON TRACK. A festival aimed at 14-25 year olds looking to break into the creative industries and designed to fuel the next generation of artists and creative entrepreneurs. Robyn will be a guest speaker at the festival on Wednesday 15th February where he will do a book signing to celebrate the release of his Paperback.

“We’re really looking forward to Robyn being involved in our first On Track Festival. Robyn’s voice will be so empowering to the young people who come through our Creative Futures department. It’s so important to be in the same room as people who are doing what you dream of doing. Having the chance to hear in his own words, how Robyn did it, doesn’t happen every day”   Rachel Horowitz, Hackney Empire

The paperback edition of Mama Can’t Raise No Man will be available from all major and indie retailers from 15th February 2018. To receive a personalised signed copy on 15th February PRE-ORDER NOW

For details about the paperback launch and book signing at the ON TRACK festival at Hackney Empire, visit our What’s On page

JJ Bola ‘No Place To Call Home’ Book Launch Video

No Place To Call Home’ by JJ Bola is a stunning debut novel with a colourful cast of characters and luminous prose. A tale of belonging, identity and immigration, of hope and hopelessness, of loss –not by death, but by distance– and, by no means the least, of love.

The book launch took place at Dalston Roof Gardens on 20th June and included performances by Anthony Anaxagorou and MC Angel. The novel published in Hardback and eBook on 22nd June.

‘No Place To Call Home’ is available to buy at all good major and indie bookshops


No Place To Call Home by JJ Bola: Cover Reveal

We are delighted to reveal the cover for JJ Bola’s forthcoming debut novel publishing in Hardback and eBook on June 22nd 2017

JJ Bola - No Place To Call Home Jacket

Jean starts at a new school and struggles to fit in. He develops an unlikely friendship with rowdy class mate James, who gets him into a string of sticky situations; fights, theft, and more. At home, his parents, Mami and Papa, who fled political violence in Congo under the dictatorial regime of Le Marechal, to seek asylum as refugees – which Jean and his star-student little sister, Marie, have no knowledge of – pressure him to focus on school and sort his act out. Jean is then suspended, and Marie, who usually gets on his nerves, helps him keep his secret, which draws them closer together.

As the family attempts to integrate and navigate modern British society, as well as hold on to their roots and culture, they meet Tonton, a sapeur, womaniser, alcohol-loving, party enthusiast, who, much to Papa’s dislike, after losing his job, moves in with them. Tonton introduces the family – via his church where colourful characters such as Pastor Kaddi, Patricia and Nadege congregate – to a familiar community of fellow country-people, making them feel slightly less alone. They begin to settle, but the reality of their situation unravels a threat to their future, whilst the fear of uncertainty remains.

With colourful characters and luminous prose, No Place To Call Home is a tale of belonging, identity and immigration, of hope and hopelessness, of loss –not by death, but by distance– and, by no means the least, of love.

No Place To Call Home is available here