House Gospel Choir perform at MAMA CAN’T RAISE NO MAN Book Launch

Debut novel by Robyn Travis MAMA CAN’T RAISE NO MAN publishes today and is now available to buy at all good online and physical retailers including here.

Each day this week we will share a performance from the musicians, comedians and poets who helped launch Robyn Travis’ book at a sold out Hackney Empire launch.

Below is the stunning performance by House Gospel Choir who opened the book launch with a specially written song entitled MAMA CAN’T RAISE NO MAN featuring hiphop emcee Daniel Rain.

MAMA CAN’T RAISE NO MAN is an eye-opening exploration of different definitions of masculinity in today’s society told from a black male perspective. Brimming with intelligent and thought provoking ideas, it cleverly challenges, debates and raises uncomfortable questions while drawing the reader into the world.

Sitting somewhere between Alice Walker’s The Color Purple and Marlon James’ A Brief History of Seven Killings, this is a unique novel which unfolds through a series of prison letters, taking the reader into the minds of a colourful cast of characters.

MAMA CAN’T RAISE NO MAN recently featured in articles in the Guardian and The Bookseller Magazine and with over 900 people attending the Hackney Empire book launch, it has been reported to have been the biggest of the year.

‘Don’t Be Alien’ Animated Music Video

DON’T BE ALIEN is one story (originating from a song written and composed by Cuba) told across multiple formats and mediums including as a film, a book and a stand-alone song.

DON’T BE ALIEN: The Film, is an animation accompanying the song and can be viewed above.

DON’T BE ALIEN: The Immersive Book Experience includes the song and animated film, the lyrics set against illustrations, plus a special behind the scenes ‘making of’ story including bonus videos, unseen sketches and insights from the makers/contributors. It is available to buy from Apple iBooks and the OWN IT! shop.

DON’T BE ALIEN: The Song is available to buy as a stand alone song for those who just want to engage with it as a listening experience from Apple iTunes and the OWN IT! shop

DON’T BE ALIEN has been tipped by The Bookseller Magazine as one of top 5 innovative books to look out for and offers a new immersive and multi-media way to experience a story across mediums.



Reaction to OWN IT! and first project DON’T BE ALIEN

From publishing industry editors (Philip Jones, The Bookseller Magazine) to music influencers (Jamal Edwards, SBTV), authors to artists, hear the reaction to the launch of OWN IT! and its multi-media digital release, DON’T BE ALIEN, which spans across a song, a book, a film.

Buy DON’T BE ALIEN: The Song from iTunes, OWN IT! , all good digital retailers

Buy DON’T BE ALIEN: The Book from iBooks, OWN IT!

NB. The full book experience is available on any device with multi-media functionality (Desktop. iOS, Android)

OWN IT!’s first multi-media product is released

Don't Be Alien Book Jacket


Today OWN IT! releases DON’T BE ALIEN – a digital book which weaves together lyrics, music and animation to create a multi-layered way to experience the story within a song, and a song within a book, offering a truly immersive experience.

It’s the story of two people once desperately in love but now distant strangers. One day a chance encounter prompts a montage of memories…

The book also includes a behind the scenes ‘making of’ story which gives readers a fascinating insight into how this animated songbook was created. Features include unpublished sketches, character turnaround boards, ‘storyboard to final film’ videos and insightful commentary from the animator and illustrator, Ewan Green.

Speaking about the multi-media nature of this story, Crystal Mahey-Morgan, Founder of OWN IT! commented

“Defining artistic ideas in terms of them just being a book, a song, a film or anything else is no longer relevant as we’re now able to tell stories across all of these formats simultaneously. Its been extremely exciting working with this talented collective of creatives to bring DON’T BE ALIEN to market in such a new, fluid and immersive way.”

DON’T BE ALIEN began as a song written and composed by Cuba. Soon the lyrics and composition came to be told in multiple ways. A collaborative approach to storytelling from a talented collective of artists including: Ewan Green, Call Me Unique, The Next Room and Cuba means DON’T BE ALIEN has been brought to life across animation, singing, music production and songwriting all of which is woven together in this digital book which offers something a little different.

The Book is available to buy through Apple iBooks and the OWN IT! shop

DON’T BE ALIEN is also available to buy as a stand alone song for those who just want to enjoy it as a listening experience from Apple iTunes and the OWN IT! shop





Two weeks to go until the release of DON’T BE ALIEN


With only two weeks to go until the release of DON’T BE ALIEN, an animated song and multi-media digital book, we share another exclusive image.

Animated by Ewan Green, sung by Call Me Unique, and music production by The Next Room Studio, DON’T BE ALIEN started off as a song written and composed by songwriter Cuba, which then grew into a multi-media digital project.

Cuba commented

“When you write a song, you never know what will happen with it. To see it grow in the way that it has and have such talented artists interpret my lyrics and music to tell the story within the song has been both exciting and fascinating”.

DON’T BE ALIEN will be available to buy from the 30th November as a stand alone song and a multi-media digital book which will include the song, animation and a behind the scenes ‘making of’ story featuring extras and unseen material from the animation.

The song and book will be available to purchase from the online OWN IT! shop and all good digital retailers.

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