ANNOUNCMENT: OWN IT! to publish ‘HOW TO: BE MORE PIRATE’ by Sam Conniff and Alex Barker

Storytelling lifestyle brand OWN IT! has acquired World All Language, Audio, film and TV rights to the follow up book to Be More Pirate (Penguin Random House) written by Sam Conniff who also founded a movement in the same name. The follow up to his bestselling title entitled How To: Be More Pirate is co-written with Alex Barker who joined Sam in January 2019′ 

Sam Conniff is an award-winning social entrepreneur, industry speaker, consultant and author. Alex Barker previously worked as a communications manager in the Fellowship team at the Royal Society of Arts before joining Sam in running and becoming a driving force within the movement.

With his first book Be More Pirate, Or How to Take On the World and Win, Sam Conniff had channelled the visionary wisdom of 18th century pirates to challenge the way modern-day businesses are run. Be More Pirate has since developed into an international community of people who are rewriting the rules to live by according to a new ‘pirate’ code.

Sam Conniff and Alex Barker’s new book traces the community’s evolution over the past year and outlines a vision for change. Rather than a theoretical treatise, the book comprises real peoples’ lives and testimonies: their moments of bravery and revelation, their missteps and mischief. It is a testament to the transformational power of a movement and a practical manifesto for aspiring pirates.

OWN IT! commented

“We’re truly excited to be publishing the follow up to Be More Pirate. It’s a celebration of an eclectic mix of individual and organisations’ stories which show how small actions or shifts in thinking can have a huge positive impact on society and the world. The overarching idea that anyone can make a different and affect change for good, coupled with inspirational stories and practical tips makes this the book that everyone needs in their life.”

Sam Conniff and Alex Barker commented:

“It can be daunting when we look at the scale of the challenges we face; the idea behind the book is to break it down, not theoretically, but based on what others have tried.

From Mercedes to the NHS, to the world’s largest health and safety body, pirates have surfaced in the most unexpected of places. This book explains the different ways you can challenge and change the ways things are done, whoever, and wherever you are”.

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