Exclusive from multi-media project DON’T BE ALIEN

An exclusive image from OWN IT! multi-media release DON'T BE ALIENOWN IT! is delighted to announce the publication and release of a digital multi-media animated song and book, DON’T BE ALIEN on 30th November 2015

With lyrics and composition by Cuba, vocals by Call Me Unique, animation by Ewan Green and music production by The Next Room Studio, DON’T BE ALIEN weaves together lyrics, music and animation to create a multi-layered way to experience the story within a song, and a song within a book, offering a truly immersive experience.

Here we share an exclusive still taken from the animation created by the very talented Ewan Green. DON’T BE ALIEN will be released as a stand alone song, as well as a digital multi-media book which will include the song, animation, lyrics and stills. The book will also include a behind the scenes ‘making of’ story which gives readers fascinating insights including: how the animation was created, a chance to see the unpublished sketches that underpinned the process, plus a visual experience showing how the characters and settings were created and changed as the project developed.

DON’T BE ALIEN has been an excitingly collaborative process bringing together a songwriter, animator, singer and music producers to create one story originating from a song written by Cuba and told in multiple entertainment forms by several artists.

OWN IT! founder Crystal Mahey-Morgan commented

‘Defining artistic ideas in terms of them just being a book, a song, a film or anything else is no longer relevant as we’re now able to tell stories across all of these formats simultaneously. It’s extremely exciting to be working with this talented collective of creatives to bring DON’T BE ALIEN to market in such a new, fluid and immersive way’

DON’T BE ALIEN will be available to buy as a stand alone song and a separate multi-media digital book from the 30th November 2015 via the online OWN IT! shop and all good digital retailers.

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Call Me Unique, announced as the singer on multi-media song and book DON’T BE ALIEN

Call.Me.Unique Resized

We’re delighted to announce that Call Me Unique is the singer on OWN IT!’s forthcoming release, DON’T BE ALIEN, an animated song and multi-media digital book.

With lyrics and composition by Cuba, music production by The Next Room Studio and an animation by Ewan Green, DON’T BE ALIEN offers a multi-layered immersive experience which can be enjoyed as both a song and a digital book.

OWN IT! is excited to be working with Call Me Unique as the singer for this project. Known for her eclectic and soulful sound which fuses together elements from a wide variety of artists and influences including Jill Scott, Billie Holiday, Lisa Lopes, Lauryn Hill and Ella Fitzgerald, Call Me Unique‘s vocal brings a truly unique quality to the project.

DON’T BE ALIEN will be available to buy as a stand alone song and a separate multi-media digital book from the 30th November 2015 via the online OWN IT! shop and all good digital retailers.


Don’t Be Alien: by Cuba and Ewan Green

Ewan_full_BnWOWN IT! believes that good stories can be told in a multitude of ways and sometimes that means expressing the same story across different mediums. The origins of this story started of as lyrics and composition by Cuba but the lyrics and music soon also evolved into the source of an animation by Ewan Green (pictured left). Don’t Be Alien is about two people who were once in love but are now no longer together. They have become distant strangers. A chance encounter see’s them reflects on the good times the couple once had and the mistakes they have made. Now the only thing that unites them is a shared thought, don’t be alien.

Don’t Be Alien will be available as a music download as well as a charming multi-media book which brings together the lyrics, composition and animation.